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Why Isihealthone.com?

At Isihealthone.com our aim is to promote human health by natural foods to our audience, We do this by undergoing intensive research on how to use natural foods for healing, knowing full well that the way to self-discovering and good living is through nature.

And making the information easily accessible to our audience through our well researched and published articles. We hope you will be interested in promoting our aim by writing for us, well accurate and articulated articles.

Our requirements are easy to meet, See below:

  • You must be a good writer.
  • The article shouldn’t be less than 700 to 1000 words
  • You’re expected to be a writer/blogger or an SEO content writer.
  • Good and excellent in the English language
  • All writers are expected to publish at least one article daily.

Topics we Accept

Health: All topics must be food-related.

Your articles must answer ‘yes’ to the following questions,

  • Is it relevant?
  • Is it articulate?
  • Is it accurate?
  • Is it entertaining?
  • Does it add value?

If you’re interested and you want to get more information on terms of payment contact us @ isihealthone@gmail.com.

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