Weight loss: Why Green or Jasmine Tea is Preferable to Coffee Tea (2020)


Coffee tea is a drink consumed on a large scale nationwide. If you are among such individuals that wake up with the help of tea, know that you may be harming your overall health. And if you are taking a shot of black coffee as a pre-workout meal and it’s helping your weight loss goal, it is okay.

We should learn not to depend on coffee, instate replace it with at least a cup of green tea or jasmine tea or any natural herbal tea of your choice. Modern research confirms that green or jasmine tea plays a major role in helping us to burn more calories and help with weight loss. 

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That been said let us consider some reason why we should replace coffee tea with green or jasmine tea. Get a full guide from the subheading below.

7   Reasons to Stop Drinking Coffee

  • Caffeine Can Reduce the Quality of Your Sleep

Naturally, caffeine is a stimulant for the brain, for this reason, it has a negative effect on our sleeping patterns and the quality of sleep we derive from sleeping.

Even if you do not drink coffee before going to bed, it still has an effect on the amount of solid sleep you should be getting.

From people who refrain from drinking caffeine, they have seen improvement when it comes to quality sleep they are getting every night.

As a result, it keeps them naturally more rested for the next day ahead.

  • After Time, Coffee Doesn’t Give You Any More Energy

Coffee is a drink a lot of us do enjoy, sometimes because we need our boost of energy in the mornings for the day ahead.

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However, after a while, our body builds tolerance and you will actually don’t see any more energy benefits from drinking coffee every day.

But if you stop for a while and later begin to drink coffee again, you will get that boost of that energy once again.

So for anyone who’s drinking coffee every day purely because you think it’s giving you more energy, it’s most likely not having any real effect on your energy levels.

  • You Can Save A Lot of Money by Quitting Coffee

For those of you reading this and you are an entrepreneur living the laptop lifestyle you will understand what I mean here. Coffee can become a challenging habit.

However drinking at home can be less expensive, but if you prefer to drink out then get ready to pay the bills.

  • Coffee Can Cause Tooth Decay and Staining

Actually only taking 1 cup of coffee a day can begin staining your teeth. This is also the same case for certain types of tea.

Depending on where you get your coffee from, and how much sugar you put in it, coffee can also cause tooth decay. This is normally the case if your drinking flavored coffees and lattes from the likes of Starbucks.

  • Caffeine Has an Effect on Your Mood
  • Quitting Coffee Can Lower Your Blood Pressure
  • Caffeine Can Increase Your Anxiety Levels

So now that you’ve seen the 7 main reasons to stop drinking coffee, let’s see why Jasmine Tea Is Good for You

Reasons Why Green or Jasmine Tea Is Good for You

It is noteworthy that jasmine tea contains certain important ingredients that help lower the risk of diseases and fighting infections, boost your immune systems, which have a positive effect with your weight loss.

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They are also rich sources of antioxidants. And one of the important antioxidant found in green tea is catechin, which has proven to be useful in lowering the risk of degenerative diseases, cardiovascular disease, and also help in kidney and liver function.

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Both jasmine tea and green tea have anti-inflammatory properties and can also help in regulating your bowel system. Jasmine tea is also said to lower the risk of diabetes.

The right time to have green tea is at noon or evening. So instead of reaching out for a cup of coffee during mid meals, prepare a cup of green tea or jasmine tea for yourself.

If you have stayed away from the goodness of green tea or jasmine tea because you can’t stand its taste, get leaves that suit your taste and give yourself at least 3 to 4 days to allow it to completely win you over.

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