7 Dangers of Losing Weight Too Fast You Need to Be Aware Of


Dangers of losing weight too fast is what a lot of people careless too think about. On social media, the internet, millions of people google it every day on how to lose body weight quickly.

But do you know that losing weight too fast can be dangerous especially when it is not done the right way?

For instance, starving yourself, eating the wrong food, or undergoing some drastic weight loss measures.

To get 100% out of your weight loss program, here are seven dangers of losing weight too fast of which you need to be aware of.

Stretch Marks and Saggy Skin

Stretch Marks and Saggy Skin woman. Dangers of losing weight too fast

Stretch marks and saggy skin is some of the side effects of losing weight too fast. A drastic change in your diet plan, illness or a change in lifestyle habits can put you at high risk of developing stretch marks and sagging skin. It can have a great impact on your self-esteem.

If you are experiencing such, it is not an easy fix. The way out is surgery which will cost you a lot of thousands of dollars.

To avoid stretch marks and saggy skin choosing a weight-loss method that is slow and be consistent. Over a period of time, you’ll get your desired result.

Slower Metabolism

The risks of losing weight too fast include slower metabolism. If you are not on a good dieting plan or starving your self, there is no doubt that you will suffer from a slower metabolism.

At a point your body will get into starvation mode, holding onto your fat thinking that you are not going to feed well.

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To maintain metabolism, your body requires a lot of protein and other nutritious substances hence, boosting weight loss. If the body doesn’t get the needed substances then you won’t lose weight quickly.

Gallstone Risk

Diagram of  Gallstone one of the Dangers of Losing Weight Too Fast

Apart from the crash diet not being healthy for your heart, it also has a negative effect on the gallbladder.

Gallstone, kidney disease or digestive problem is liable to occur if you lose weight more than 3 pounds per week.

Impress your body by losing weight slowly now and even in the future.

You Can Lose More Than Fat

Basically, you can lose more than only fat when you are under a diet plan to control weight. you may lose muscle mass and water as well which are necessary for your body to be at its best.

But losing 3 pounds per week is dangerous to health. Although a good diet plan is one of the best ways of losing weight.

You need to be selective and strategies more effective ways of losing 2 or fewer pounds per week.

Exercising and eating a balanced diet can be a game-changer.

Pills Can Be Dangerous

Pills have been one of the most common use methods for losing weight. Unfortunately, is the most dangerous it can cause you more harm than good. It has a tremendous side effect such as seizures, heart attack, and stroke according to the FDA.

You can have a slim figure, but I tell you this short cut is deadly. The best method is to exercise and pay attention to your overall diet.

You Can’t Sleep

Not having a sound sleep is one of the dangers of losing weight too fast. If you mixed your food with an unsafe diet it can affect your sleeping pattern. According to research, there is a proven connection between sleep and food intake.

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To avoid any sudden effect on your sleeping pattern, eating a lot of protein and carb-rich foods are recommended, hence meeting your calorie counts.

Otherwise, you will end up not having a sound sleep because your body will continue to search for food.

Your Taste Can Change

Not being mindful of the way you choose your weight loss techniques might inhibit your joy if you a type that likes the test of food.

Bariatric surgery may be your best option when trying to lose weight. It can mean you end up losing weight faster.

But the side effect can end up dulling your test buds. That is food testing less delicious.


Though losing weight is an excellent way to live a healthy and happy life. But there is a good and a bad way to go about it. To avoid the dangers of losing weight too fast that will result in bad side effects and poor health.

Choose a  method that will enhance your experience, such as eating a lot of vegetables, fruits and exercising regularly.

It might seem like a slow road, but it’s one with a higher rate of success.

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