Cutting Down on Sugar is it Really HealthWise? See the Down Side of it


Cutting down on sugar intake from diet is one of the best ways of burning down calories and losing weight. But, have you ever think about the downside of it? There is a lot of diet plan available on the internet. Learn below.

Description: Cutting Down on Sugar

Each of these experts has a great number of followers, announcing the reason and why their diet plan works the best. But know that whatever the diet plans are, keto, GM or vegan diet, they have their own downside.

And even if cutting down on sugar to lose weight is one of the best options, it also has a good and bad effect on the body.

Benefits of Cutting Down on Sugar

According to an expert when there is a lower intake of sugar, there is a sudden change in weight which is the fasted way to lose weight.

Note that is not only sweet food that contains sugar, it is also present in high carb foods such as:

  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Ice cream
  • Whole fruit
  • Fruit juice
  • Bread
  • Rice
  • Crackers
  • Cereal

Therefore, avoiding extra sugar from your diet plan will lead to a healthy weight loss. following this course, you will experience a normalize blood level sugar and a good level of insulin in the bloodstream.

In fact, it also reduces high blood pressure back to normal. This is what happens when you cut down on sugar

cutting down on sugar the body reacts positively because is able to convert the complex carbohydrates into simple sugar thereby exerting energy.

Such carbohydrate includes oats and fruits and is considered as good carbs. However, if both the carb and sugar are completely eliminated from your diet you will experience the downside of this weight loss trick.

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You will experience weakness in your body, fatigue and a lower level of energy which is considered as a state of lethargy.

But after a few days, you may become normal because the body has now begun to use the stored fat to generate energy.

This is the body’s fat-burning phase. But as time goes on the body may find it viable to use the stored fat. And at this point, you will start seeing a drastic downside.

The Downside of Cutting Down on Sugar

Basically, for the body to exert energy there is a demand for glucose. Therefore you may experience muscle cramps as a result of cutting down on sugar.

The insulin may become unhealthy which is getting down to the extreme lower level. Cutting down on sugar also lower the energy level and dehydration because it drains down water in the body.

However, if suddenly you start taking in sugar as demanded by the body, you will experience drastic weight gain either. But remember that such weight gain is unhealthy.

Add Good Carbs

The point here according to experts is to optimize the intake of sugar. That is minimizing your diet and avoids taking processed and extra sugar that contain in beverages.

With that in mind, the bottom line is to consume good carbs in a normal proportion. This helps in cutting on the calorie requires from the body while giving it a good source of generating energy.

Maintaining a balance few on processed sugar is a healthier way of losing weight according to Nutritionists.

Therefore, good carbs are as important as any other nutrient. These provide a constant level of energy and a healthy level of insulin without headaches and sugar crashes.

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However, if you have been diagnosed with a high blood sugar check this article Top 12 Must Powerful Foods That Lower Blood Sugar (2019/2020).  it will help you on how to cut down on sugar intake.

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