15 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Do you know that there are foods you should avoid during pregnancy?

Being pregnant is  a good thing. You’re bringing life into this world, and it is important that what you eat must be healthy for you and your unborn baby.

It is often said that at this point, as an expecting mother, you are now eating for two.

When it is about time to work out your pregnancy meal menu, you should make sure to take out unhealthy meals and junk food off your menu.

Now, while there are a lot of foods you should eat during your pregnancy period, you should also be wary of some unhealthy ones.

In this article, we highlight


15 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy


In the list below, we highlight some 15 foods to avoid during your pregnancy stage and this list is based on health expert recommendation.


* Fish With Mercury

Yes indeed, we have some species of fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acid, low mercury quantity and they have a low saturated fat that inherently contributes to the development of the Child in the womb, automatically aiding toward his rapid growth

There, however, are some species of fish you should avoid during pregnancy as they have a high mercury concentration. Such as;  Sharks, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish.


  1. Seafood (Smoked)

You should completely avoid any form of smoked or refrigerated seafood. They have a bacteria known as; Listeria monocytogenes bacteria, which could ultimately lead to a child miscarriage.


  1. Raw Shellfish.
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Similar to the above, you need to avoid raw shellfish. A few of these are; oysters, mussels, clams. They contain high levels of toxins that can lead to illness.


  1. Undercooked Eggs.

During your pregnancy period, you should avoid eating undercooked eggs. They contain salmonella bacteria which causes food poisoning. This can lead to your immune system weakening and ultimately affecting the baby. Make sure to boil your eggs till the water bubbles before eating.


  1. Undercooked Meats.

As with undercooked Eggs, you should also avoid eating undercooked meats. Make sure they are hot to degrees of 145F before eating.


  1. Unpasteurized Milk.

It is unsafe to drink unpasteurized milk during your pregnancy. There have no nutritional advantages and they are responsible for high foodborne disease rates.

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  1. Unwashed Fruits And Vegetables

This apparently is self-explanatory. Unwashed fruits and veggies contain Toxoplasmosis that affects the soil it was planted. So, be sure to wash your fruits and veggies thoroughly before eating.


  1. Avoid Meals With Allergies


Allergies differ per person. Perhaps you know your meal allergy now, that’s great. Do well to avoid them. But if not, a few allergies to avoid are; soy, wheat, hazelnuts.


  1. Made-in- Restaurant Salad.

Say no to a restaurant-made salad as they contain a lot of microbes. Only make an exception if you made a special order just for you.

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  1. Caffeine Intake.

While taking coffee has quite a handful of advantages, you may need to tune it down when you are pregnant. Excess caffeine intake at this stage isn’t healthy for you and your baby as it creates a higher chance of Miscarriage.

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Best to stick to decaffeinated beverages during these periods.


  1. Herbal Teas

Away from caffeine, herbal teas could also pose a threat to both the mother and son.


We have herbs like; Dong quai, borage oil, pennyroyal, and mugwort which are a sheer uterine stimulant. There should be avoided during pregnancy.


  1. Canned Foods.

This needs to be said. Avoid canned foods during pregnancy also. They contain Bisphenol A(BPA)  that are Poisonous to both mother and the fetus.


  1. Sugar-Rich Foods.

You will need to reduce your sugar intake lever during the pregnancy stage. Not only do they worsen the default discomfort pregnancy comes with, but they also cause premature labor.


  1. Street Foods.

As much as it is a fact that during pregnancy there is a nearly insatiable taste for food, -street foods- (Bizzare food combination inclusive), you should try to avoid street foods. They typically increase your rate of infection and food poisoning.


  1. LeftOvers.


Yes, it is bad to waste food which is why you prepare what you can finish at that moment.

Avoid eating leftovers, especially the ones that are nearly a day old. They most likely contain harmful bacteria.

Your health and that of your fetus should be your number one priority, which is why what you eat is very important.

There you have it, 15 foods you should avoid during pregnancy.

Do leave a comment below if you find this list useful, and also suggest anything we may have left out.

Thank you.

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